Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's Cyber Monday exclusively for Lamley Readers at Wheel Collectors! 15% off everything in the store...

Cyber Monday Sale at Wheel Collectors

Yeah, Lamley has turned into promo machine for the last few days, but now is the time to buy, and we are more than happy to share.

On the heels of the massive sale at Japan Booster, Wheel Collectors is getting in on the act for Cyber Monday, and it is exclusive to Lamley Readers.

For ONE DAY ONLY, starting now, you can get 15% off everything in the store when you spend $50 or more.  That means on whatever you buy.  And it is automatic.  You spend $50 or more, the discount will automatically kick in.  No code needed.  And as a courtesy to Lamley Readers, Wheel Collectors is allowing us to only promote it here.

And if you haven't been to the Wheel Collectors store lately, you are missing out.  They have stocked Golden Age Era Matchbox, short card Hot Wheels, tons of Greenlight, even Pixar Cars for the kids, alongside all the new stuff they always stock.  The store is bulging with good stuff.  You can find it all here:

Cyber Monday Sale at Wheel Collectors

Have a good time.  The sale ends at Midnight Pacific Time on Monday night...

Some items I have an eye on:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28th Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Dirk Schleuer...

The latest Ambassador Report from Dirk is now up.  Read what he has to say about some of the changes in how info is released, and follow the link provided in his text for the report.

As he states, the best way to ask questions to the Matchbox team is though the Ambassador, so be sure to email him any questions you might have.  This team will answer them.  His email address:

And above all, major congrats to the Ambassador!  You will see what we are talking about in the report...

(Thanks Dirk.)

Hallo Matchbox friends,

You surely were all waiting for the next report. Sorry that it did take some time to send it but after you read it you will surely understand the delay.

Things have changed a bit. In the last years the ambassador report was "THE" source for new info from the Matchbox team to the collectors.
You did get all the imformation thru the report - monthly, two-weeks, weekly at least not on the spot.
Times have changed with the new team at Matchbox and I personally think to the better in this direction. You do get pics and info direct from the team on Instagram.
I dare to repeat some major ones in my report here. And also the Lamley blog shows news when they are new!

So for that direction the ambassador report and even my role is surely not so important as it was in the recent years with other teams involved.
For the other direction bringing your concerns, ideas and thoughts forward to the team the ambassador position is still the channel to use.
But of course I need your input! So still feel free to contact me with your belongings.

My friend Marcel Bakker did write an article about the "my first Matchbox" series. Have fun reading it.  The My First Matchbox range Page 1.PDF  You can change the Page 1 to any Page up to 16 or you use the overview on our club page:
We are work on a solution to have all pages in one document but the pages are quite big at the moment showing good quality pics!

I'm personally busy at the moment with our local XMas club meeting and setting up the new moyshop which will surely be ready in the next couple of days ;)
And also I do send out new flyers like this to our club members:

Have a wonderful winter time.


Friday, November 27, 2015

The Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan GT-R Nismo collection just keeps getting better...

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan GT-R Nismo at Japan Booster

A year ago, the collection was zero.  Now it is six.

To say this has been a good year for Tomica Limited Vintage would be an understatement.  They continued to do what they do best, creating some amazing classic Japanese cars like the Toyota Crown Wagon and C210 Skyline.  Beautifully done, replicated as stock.

But they branched out a bit too.  The Nissan IDX concepts from last year were TLV's first foray into contemporary cars, and while the IDX is now history, the models were fantastic.  The success with those cars must have opened the gates for more, because 2015 at TLV was all about the Nissan GT-R.

And not just any GT-R, but the VERY current GT-R Nismo, with its massive spoiler and wonderful red trim.  Until these were released, Nissan GT-R's in 1:64 had been a disappointment.  Hot Wheels, Tomica, Real Toy, even Kyosho hadn't been able to duplicate the lines and stance of the GT-R.  Tomica Limited Vintage, thankfully but not surprisingly, nailed it.

And that started with the Nismo in March, and then the Nismo N-Attack (N meaning Nurburgring) in April.  Now TLV is back with two more N-Attacks, one in black and the other in the very unique Time-Attack livery.

I was already excited about the two Nismo GT-R's once I knew they were coming from Japan Booster, but actually seeing one in person the very day the package arrived added even further proof that this model is a must-have:

I don't think I need to say much more, other than I hope the TLV GT-R's keep coming.  Thankfully, they are, only this time as the 2014 Premium Editions.

The two latest are available now at Japan Booster, and I highly suggest you grab one or both.  You won't be disappointed.  

Enjoy the pics...

All 6 GT-R Nismos: