Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Underappreciated Subaru Alcyone SVX and Legacy Touring Wagon, by Kyosho...

We are probably just as guilty for not appreciating these two models.  The fact is we took these photos several months ago, but never posted them.

And that is a shame because they are a very cool duo, lost in a sea of BRZ's and STi's, and, at least in my mountainous area, Outbacks, and are two models that need a little more love.  The Wagon because it isn't sold in the US, which is a shame, and the SVX because it is a model that never took off like many expected it would.

We like sporty wagons, and the Legacy certainly qualifies as such.  It really is too bad, as I would take a wagon over the sedan anytime.

The SVX?  We will let Ryu Asada, of Hot Wheels Design fame, who owns an 1996 SVX, and is also from Japan, tell you about this misunderstood gem:

It has a very unique and elegant body style (at least we think) done by the greatest Italian designer Giugiaro who had designed numbers of great cars in the past including Lotus Esprit, Delorean, BMW M1, etc..(you can research).. A lot of us probably like SVX because of its look...even after 25 years, never gets old!
It was super unusual for Subaru to outsourse the exterior design as well. You can tell Subaru was very serious to make thier flagship GT car that doesn't look like any other Japanese cars. In order to capture his original concept/idea of "jet fighter canopy" look roof, the engineers never compromised to achive it depite of extreme difficuties they're facing.
Back in the day Subaru engineers had very strong motto of "never compromise".  Some say it was over engineered.  It was good times.  If you looked around, many car manufacutures were making cars like NSX, R32 GTR, Toyota Soarer, Mitsu GTO, Eunos Cosmo.  So it was Subaru's attempt to step up, join the game and make their own flagship, their own GT car.  Well the timing was bad.  Economy crashed soon after SVX finally came out, and those Subaru engineers hope & dream didn't last long.  And that made the car so rare and hard to find, some even say failure.  But I believe the SVX really deserves a 2nd chance!
There were certain diffrerences between JDM and US versions, but JDM SVX came with VTD 4WD transmission which I believe you can thank SVX for today's Subarus.  I've never driven JDM SVX unfortunately, but I heard it was very nice.  (US version carried over old XT tranny..?)  Also the EG33 flat 6 is very smooth and very reliable.  It was going to be 3.0 turbo but since it was supposed to be all round GT car for enthusiasts or grown ups, so they decided to drop that idea and grew engine by 10%, hence 3.3L.  It could've been interesting if they did make 3.0L turbo and manual gearbox. SVX never came with 5spd.  My SVX is basically trouble free for about 8 years... (excluding sensors or those small things, you know..)  JDM also came with a 4WS system..must be nice.  The interior design is bit dated but the wrap-round suade pads are very nice touch and that's what everybody notice when they got inside of my car.  The ride is very comfortable and smooth, yet delivers decent power if you shift to lower gears.  Cornering is very neautral thanks to its 4WD.  Feel safe as well in any weather condition.
Forgot to mention but I heard SVX was great on snow too!  That's something I've never experienced here in Cali.  Also great on LA traffic too...very comfortable..when I'm stuck in S2K, I just get really frustrated.. 

That is automotive love.

So here they both are, as done by Kyosho for the Subaru series that was out last year.  Enjoy...

(You can find the Kyosho Subaru models at Curitiba Customs and on eBay...)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Toyota 2000GT Convertible...

It had to happen, it finally happened, and now that we have seen it we are really glad it happened.

Images have emerged of the brand new Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Convertible, which will be part of the Retro Entertainment line in a James Bond theme.

We have a feeling that this will excite a lot of people, and even if it doesn't, we are ecstatic here.  With all themes JDM setting the Hot Wheels world on fire, it seems the most classic of Japanese classics has been a little forgotten, even after its dramatic debut as a Super TH.  But it is returning with a vengeance as in Shelby Racing livery as part of the RLC line, and now in convertible form with Retro Entertainment.

Of course the convertible isn't an "official" 2000GT, as it was just a sawed off version of the coupe made for a James Bond movie.  But it is a significant version because it might be the only way a lot of world even knows what this car is.

The convertible doesn't share the sleek lines of the coupe, but it is beautiful nonetheless, and debuting in white with wire spoke real riders is perfect.  We hope Hot Wheels has plans for this casting in the future, considering all the creative directions they can go.  But our guess is this white version will never be topped.

This should be very popular, and based on the photos it is an early "Model of the Year" contender.  It is just plain pretty.  Look for it in the coming months...

Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels International L Case...

How about a little Hot Wheels coverage, eh?

I will admit to a MASSIVE Matchbox kick lately.  Orange was my first diecast love, and as I put together the series on the Last Golden Age of Matchbox, I have had a blast going through what I have, and adding the stuff I want.  This is what came in the mail just yesterday:

And there are more coming.  Something tells me these models will get harder and harder to find, so now is the time to stock up.  And in case you are wondering, yes, I will open every single one of them.

But back to the task at hand.  We need some Hot Wheels coverage, and we should get plenty this week, because the L cases are out.

Wheel Collectors got their batch yesterday, and as usual, they randomly picked a case and unveiled the contents 3-by-3, documenting what they pulled along the way.

All of these models pulled are now available at the Wheel Collectors store, including the Super TH, and a few loose models. (Lots of box damage in this shipment.  Long story.)

But here is everything, as pulled from the L Case.


2015 Hot Wheels International L Case:

No Super or Regular.  In fact, none of the cases contained a Regular, and only one yielded a Super.  A nice Super it is though:

This isn't the most exciting case, but I won't call it the worst either.  The New Models are intriguing, and there are a few others to get excited about.  Your thoughts?