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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels Datsun 620 Pickup...

When we learned about this one, we knew it was a must-have, and when the opportunity popped up get one, we acted.  And we are glad we did.

So here is the typical pattern with Hot Wheels: Release the First Edition of a casting in a livery as close to the real thing as possible.  Either a licensed livery or something very close.  Or maybe the deco matching the real thing.

After that, as long as the licensor approves, the fun begins.  Sometimes, it is a disaster.  Other times, he design looks nice, and takes nothing away from the model itself.  Then there is that occasion when the deco enhances the model.

Case in point?  The 2015 version of the Datsun 620.  The 620 came from the 70's, and so did that design.  And oh it is cool.  That green, orange, and yellow combo is one of the 1970's greatest gifts, and it shines on this model.  It may not be a stock design, but it as appropriate as it gets.  And that makes this the best version so far.

We loved the Li'l Hustler-inspired design of the 2014 version, especially that Kmart blue model, but we like this one just a tad more.  Of course we would love to see the tailgate detailed like on the 2014 version, but because Jun Imai designed it with an embossed tail, there is no need.  It still looks like it should.

So kudos to whoever came up with the design and color combo.  This gets the JDM side of things with 2015 Hot Wheels off to a very good start...

Hot Wheels Datsun 620 (2015 Mainline):

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2014 Batch Q is now out at Wheel Collectors...

The slow unveiling of the most anticipated batch of 2014 continues...

Matt and the gang over at Wheel Collectors must unpacked a huge pallet of Hot Wheels 2014 Batch Q, and the models are going up on ebay right now.

That means Datsun 510 Wagons, Porsche 934's (our favorite of 2014), 2015 Mustangs, and many more.  Follow the link to see all the models, and grab one or two or ten:

Hot Wheels 2014 Batch Q

There are many of each available, so go grab what you want, and while you are at it you can pair up your Batch Q order with some Lamley Deals...

Just Announced: GreenLight is bringing Breaking Bad to 1:64...

Any diecast collector who also watched Breaking Bad has to have hoped the day would come that Walter White's Pontiac Aztek would join the collection.  It looks like that day has come.

GreenLight has just announced a licensing partnership with Sony that will bring the Breaking Bad vehicles to 1:64.  It will start with Walter's second car, a 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT-8, Junior's 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8, and (this one takes the cake), Jesse and Walt's lab-on-wheels RV.

GreenLight also announced that more are coming, and we assume that will start with Walt's Aztek, which has become about as iconic as KITT and the General Lee.  We are also hoping for Skyler's Wagoneer and Jesse's fantastic 4WD Toyota Tercel.

We could not be more excited for this line, and you can bet we will be showing them here.  Breaking Bad was easily my favorite show, so much that I have geeked out enough to visit both Walter White's and Jesse's homes in Albuquerque.  Having 1:64 replicas of their vehicles is a huge treat.

Anyone else excited?

The insane detail of the Tomica Limited Vintage Hino Ladder Fire Engine & Chemical Fire Engine...

Does it seem a certain red Datsun Wagon is just a tad overexposed right now?  It is everywhere, and it hasn't even hit the pegs yet.  We are obviously big fans of said wagon ourselves, but we acknowledge it might represent the peak of Hot Wheels JDM hype, yo.

So, we are going to help you a bit today.  Fan boys aren't posting pics of cambered Japanese fire trucks, so there may not be any frenzy surrounding these.  To grab their attention, then, we are going to have to use a red wagon to gateway folks into sticking around for the photos below.  Here it is, a red Datsun Wagon:

Stare at it.  It's pretty cool ain't it.  It is actually one of our favorite TLV's, even if it isn't a Super Treasure Hunt.  And it's stock.  And we...love...that.

But that isn't the normal Lamley background, is it.  Something is in the way.  Here is another pic of that Datsun:

Looks good at this angle too, doesn't it.  Still though, there is this other thing getting in the way.  It seems to crowding out the Wagon.  But start looking at that other model.  The Datsun has served its purpose.  This post is about that absolutely mind-boggling Hino Fire Truck next to it.

This Ladder Truck and its Chemical Fire companion arrived from Japan Booster last week, and we just have to show both.

We have clamored about Tomica Limited Vintage's dedication to scale.  If a real Datsun Wagon sat next a Hino Ladder Truck, it would look like the photo above.  So that's cool.

But this post isn't about scale, it is about detail.  It is how Tomica Limited Vintage can create two firetrucks that someone like me, who has no connection to the real vehicles whatsoever, and who lost most of his interest in fire trucks when he was seven, can become completely obsessed with.

This is about detail.  And while we don't know the names and function of most of the gadgets and gizmos on these models, we are happy they are there.  As we have said before, the TLV designers make a model only if they have a real vehicle to review, prod over, study, and replicate.  So you know that these fire engines were combed over.

So we are going to hand over the reigns to the Lamley studio and camera, so you can see what we are talking about.  We may jump in here or there with a comment, but this post is about the photos.


TOMICA LIMITED VINTAGE NEO LV-N24b HINO TC343 Ladder Fire Engine (Oyama Dept.)

This may be the pinnacle of of the Tomica Limited Vintage collection.  And all the evidence you need is the ladder.

Just keep watching that ladder.

There is no possible way to show the length of the ladder in our studio, which was built for you standard Hot Wheels car.  We will do the best we can.  But you will get the idea.  This ladder is long...

Hydrolics.  Yes.  Hydrolics.

TOMICA LIMITED VINTAGE NEO LV-N36a 1/64 HINO KB324 Chemical Fire Engine (Tahara Dept):