Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch P has been unveiled...

Yeah, batch P.  That means after Q, 2015 is done.  Crazy, eh?

Our favorite Texas seller has just listed the Batch P models, and there are many we had no idea were coming.  There are new models like the Racing Mustang (the upsloped chin strikes again), and a fantastic Fiat 500 police car, the BRAT, as well as some very cool recolors, like the white NSX and red Elmiraj.

But we will let you check it out.  Follow the link:

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch P

Some highlights:

The Super:

The Reg:

First Look: Matchbox '14 Porsche Cayman & Lamborghini LM002...

How fun is it to do a post like this?  Really fun.

No pleads for more realism from Matchbox.  No complaints about the lack of licensed models.  No waxing on about what Matchbox used to be.  Hell, no photos of a Hot Wheels model that generates the proverbial "Matchbox should have made that!" responses from readers.

What you are looking at is a fantastic Porsche Cayman alongside a Lamborghini LM002.  Matchbox should have made th...wait, bad.  And both were made by Matchbox.  Of course.

I mean, look, realistic colors, front and rear tampos, realistic lines, just like the realism that Matchbox used to be all abo...oops, sorry, I promised I wouldn't go there.  They both look awesome.  Of course.

And these are perfect choices.  One, a Porsche, but not THAT Porsche.  The other, a Lamborghini, but not THAT Lamborghini.  The just-off-the-beaten path model choices are a Matchbox hallmark, or at least it used to b...alright, I will stop.  But both great choices.  Of course.

Ok, it is hard for me to stay on task.  I am trying to move away from the big picture and focus on these two models that are such a welcome sight.  But the big picture looms.  This latest batch of Matchbox, full of goodies like these two, the '75 Mack, a stunning black '68 Mustang, is as close to what Matchbox was a few years ago.  But I promised not to talk about that.  But I will.  July is Matchbox month.  The Gathering is two weeks away.  We will know a lot about 2016 after that event ends.  I am as curious as ever to see where things are headed.

Plus, legendary graphic designer Michael Heralda, who spent the last few years designing gem after gem for Matchbox, just walked out of the Mattel Design Center as an employee for the last time yesterday, heading into what will surely be a fruitful retirement.  More on that later this month, but that also marks a significant change for the brand.  And there are more staff changes coming.

Curiosity is high, and thankfully we have the new Matchbox team ready to tell us all about where things are headed in a month.  So we will wait for that.

In the meantime, just enjoy the pics of these two fantastic models, both designed by Miguel Lopez, who has been on a designing hot streak.  We will cover a lot more later...

I will even spare you the MB Cayman vs. HW Cayman photos that will prove no contest.  That is for another time.  Staying on task...

(Find both the Porsche and Lamborghini at Wheel Collectors...)

Matchbox '14 Porsche Cayman & Lamborghini LM002 (2015 New Models):

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The latest pickup-populated batch of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment...

What is it about pickups?

Maybe I should be a little more clear.  What is it about old pickups?  New trucks have about as much character as a mattress showroom, and don't deserve the term "pickup", nor do I think they want it.  Let them be "trucks".

But pickups, those old utilitarian carrying - not hauling - machines, they are cooler than cool.  And you all know it.  It may not be the case all over the world, but around here in old truck can get as much passer-by love as a sports car.  And it is a different kind of love.  It is less rooted in the sunglass push-down "Daaaaaammmmmnnnnnn!" you would give a Ferrari, and more in that deep appreciation for a car that has been used.  There is always a lot of love permeating from an old pickup.  And this is coming from a dude who grew up on Hondas, Toyotas, and big beefy station wagons.

And that is why I am so in love with the latest batch of Retro Entertainment.  I haven't seen Friday Night Lights (I should), I do love Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but I do love those pickups.

The '83 Silverado, whether lifted or lowered, has definitely secured its place as a collector fave.  Just wait until you see what will happen on July 14th when the RLC version goes on sale.  It will be a long 3 minutes for some as they try and get it before it sells out.  It may be my age, but that exact era of Chevy truck is how I remember them, and appreciate them the most.  This version is black is so clean, so sharp, and so simply detailed.  If you are lucky to get the RLC, these two will look great together.  But not on the card!  Open these beauties up!

Anyway, the other pretty pickup is the Ford F-250.  I love the equipment in the back, but the highlight is the simple color and very 70's plain livery.  Of course this is based on the truck in the film, but thankfully it was followed, because like the film or not, it is great to have a truck in a period correct deco.

And yeah, the Rapid Responder might be more of a truck, but it comes from the right era.

Lastly, a touch of class with the '58 Plymouth.  We got a similar version in Boulevard a few years back, but no complaints with a model as beautiful as this one.

No sports cars in this batch, no fever-inducing JDM.  No muscle.  But grab the models, open them, and that pickup love will get you...

'83 Chevy Silverado

Ford F-250

Rapid Responder

'58 Plymouth