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Friday, March 27, 2015

From Hot Wheels Nationals: Artwork for the upcoming new models and recolors revealed...

An update from Nationals here in Kentucky:

  1. Lexington is beautiful.  Hopefully I get more time to explore.
  2. Room-to-room deals seem to go all night.  My head hurts, and all I did was watch them go down.
  3. An elevator full of collectors can get really smelly really fast.
  4. There is so much stuff here:

Lastly, I finally got a chance to register this morning, and pick up the three convention models.  I will give them a full showcase as soon as I return home.

As a bonus, included in the registration packet was Hot Wheels poster #3 of 4, full of the next round of upcoming models, some of which we haven't seen:

I would be happy to take a photo of any models you want me to, but here are some highlights, at least for us:

Lots to like, eh?  That Gulf ZR1 will go well with the other Gulf models we have seen the last couple of years, and we are very curious to see what the Elmiraj looks like.  

Alright, back to the festivities...

Cool is Cool is Cool: 2013 Hot Wheels Convention '70 Dodge Power Wagon RLC Party Exclusive...

Lamley is here in Kentucky for the Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals....

Since I got in last night, I have mainly gone room to room just to see what is available for sale, and I have even picked up a couple of wants.  (But that pales in comparison to the thousands of cars I watched change hands yesterday in a multitude of deals.  I am happy with my 2-3 models.)

It is today that I will start attending most of the events.  I will watch the charity auction tomorrow night, and at some point afterward stop buy the RLC Party.

And it was the RLC part that reminded by of one my favorite RLC Party exclusives.  I don't have many Hot Wheels Convention models (actually, I don't have any) outside of the '70 Dodge Power Wagon from the 2013 Party.  I didn't attend that party, but I had to have the model the minute I saw it.

So, because the 2015 Nationals RLC party is tonight, why not show off one of the best exclusives they've done in the past...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oops, they did it again: The up-sloped chin attacks the brand new Hot Wheels Aston Martin Vantage GT3...

Well at least they are consistent...

We know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting the first images of the brand new Hot Wheels Aston Martin Vantage GT3.  After all, the Hot Wheels/Aston Martin marriage of late has been a good one.  The DBS is a fan favorite, and the DB5 released last year may be one of the best and most accurate castings Hot Wheels has released in years.  So, it was not a surprise that there has been a lot of excitement about the Vantage GT3.

But there was reason to worry too.  It was those three letters at the end.  G...T...3.  For car fans, "GT3" means this:

Take the street version of a car, add some bells and whistles to make it track ready.  Well, Hot Wheels agrees.  Cars have to be track ready.  Only they mean "orange track" ready.  And that means this:

Oh no.  Track ready in Hot Wheels Land means exaggerated rear wheels and yes, that up-sloped chin.  The same thing attacked a Lotus Evora GT4, a BMW E36 M3, a Viper SRT, and most recently a Corvette C7.R.  Well Aston Martin could not escape.

If you love the signature front grill of any Aston Martin, we warn you to proceed with caution before viewing the next photo:

Or this:

Or all these:

Obviously, these are being done on purpose, to make these Hot Wheels replicas of track cars actual Hot Wheels track cars, and yes, obviously the carmakers approved of those designs.  If it works for Mattel, we can't argue with that.

But from a collector standpoint, ouch.  These are bad.  Sorry we had to break the bad news...

A Tale of Two: The Matchbox & Hot Wheels 1966 Dodge A100's...

Sure, anyone who is passionate about the A100 has already compared these two, but it is our turn.

Two reasons why we haven't done this in the past:

  1. As great as the Hot Wheels A100 van is, it hasn't really sported that signature deco yet.  So far, we would say the 76 livery from the Slick Rides series is best, but we are hoping to see something better.  Especially since this is a fantastic casting and deserves it.  (Future Heritage model perhaps?)
  2. We have been looking for the purple Matchbox A100 for awhile now, and finally the City Market in Moab, Utah came through.  Crazy that we first photographed this model last July at the Matchbox Gathering, and now, in March, we finally see it.
But now we have the purple version, and a very serviceable version in a Starburst livery, and we should put them together.

And how cool do they look side-by-side?  Obviously, one is a van and one is a pickup, but it goes much further than that.  One is pure Hot Wheels, modified, lowered, speedy, and one is pure Matchbox, standard ride height, Matchbox's "stock" wheels, and looking like it came straight form its proper era.

And that is why we hope both brands continue to push their respective A100's out.  Let's get lots of versions, and let's put them side-by-side a lot.  We could have categorized this post a Cool is Cool is Cool, because it most certainly deserves.  These two are fantastic...